Your love speaks greater than your words and isn’t even as half as equal as your actions. I know I am the least bit appreciative, but from the bottom of me, thank you, every single time. 

our love story isn’t as grand as how i imagined it would be. it isn’t about princess meets prince charming. there were less answers, as there were questions.

i always think of how we came to be, of when you felt something more than what we had, or of how i came to notice.
all those thinking always took me back one sunset when the seemingly randomless romantic in me asked on the possibility of us being purely platonic.

the answer was just lying at some other side of my brain, simple and with more emphasis than all other words: NO.

boy falls in love with girl. (pause)
girl falls in love with boy. this seemed like the ultimate ingredient for a happy ever after but really, the pause isn’t just a pause. they’d fall in love, but in different times. like two parallel lines, timing will always be the culprit.

i wondered with the mechanics of falling in love with you. when could i fall? why? how? as i got inside your car, i had the same quiet questions for you too.

but unlike the two parallel lines that never met earlier in the story, we did. and weeks after that, i found my answer.

one night, i was some girl seeking validation from her best guy friend and right then and there being handed down her worth. you were straightforward and i liked that about you. i liked the fact that after all these time, pretensions and sugarcoats aside, i could be somebody to someone else. i was, and i stress on the belief that i still am, not just any girl to you. i was the each to your other. i couldn’t stress how table turning that night was to the friendship.

tables were totally flipped around when you ended the other side of your heart.

it wasn’t the sweetest meet-up ever. you were breaking your heart for her while i was always at peace and finally healed over months of breaking and wasting mine for somebody else. we munched over value meals. you held back tears over the comfort of your strawberry blue bell as i sat across and admired that show of vulnerability from you. this was the first time i hated you. but then, the believer in me aside, i chose to understand.

we’ve spent almost all our everydays together since then, i took you to my world were appetites were bigger than passions. you took me to your own childhood innocence and love over vintage.

as we spent days, songs, polarioids and a carbonara together, confusions were trivial and more questions arose. but putting it all in the pretense of friendship, i stopped myself from the whys. “all for friendship”, i said to myself. again.

our love story is not some grand fireworks display.
nor is it some proposal up against the blue sky.
nor is it even like all the other fairy tales i used to read.

it is centered on our everydays, on all the little things: the happy beginnings, tragic middles and fulfilling endings. it is about seeing love in its fullest bloom. it is about getting you your favorite ice cream after a hard day’s work, or your favorite chickenjoy along a fight. it is about sitting here at the edge of your bed, waiting for the hour when you’d hug me and say “it’s okay”, it is about choosing to stay despite all the reasons to go. it is about running after you no matter how much it destroys me.

it is about you having to stay up despite your numerous pleads of “let me sleep”.
it is about admiring and annoying. it is about forgiving and accepting, flaw after flaw.
mostly, it is about trying and failing, and still having each other at the end of it all.

if one day you’re faced with between leaving or staying, i hope that the love we have is enough for you to stay. and i hope against hope that you find it in your heart that I am enough.

our love story will not end where my words will. it is still starting its course. a year ago our orbits just never seemed to crash. but now, they’re on their full swing. here’s to our worlds together and to a million more beautiful struggles with you. 


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